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Sales Training Success: CustomerCentric Selling® helps AtStaff achieve greater confidence in forecasting and improved qualification skills.

Key Players
CFO and CEO, AtStaff


“When CustomerCentric Selling® approached us, we wanted to increase the number of our sales executives who met and exceeded quota, to shorten our sales cycle by two months, and to reach prospects earlier in their requirements definition phase”Says Laura Caffrey, CFO.

Capabilities Needed
With CustomerCentric Selling®, CEO Beth Pickard added that AtStaff was looking for a way to:

  • Implement a performance development program that maps and documents how to diagnose a prospect needs and goals with a bias towards their company’s strengths, giving them a better understanding of exactly how their prospects would use their products and services
  • Develop (marketing) a set of messages, templates, and prompters, enabling their sales rep to have intelligent conversations with customers about the use of their products and services
  • Acquire competitive positioning skills to set traps for their competitors, differentiate themselves by the way they sell and not just what they sell, and creating emotional and heightened feelings of concerns with their prospects to increase their motivation in buying a SOLUTION from us.
  • Develop tools and behaviors to take advantage of the emotional connections that are established between their sales people and their prospects to create a vision of what their services and products can do for them and enroll their assistance in driving the buying process for them.
  • Implement a customized set of pipeline milestones that have deliverables associated to each critical step, which will allow them to independently asses the viability of any opportunity in the pipeline, assign prospecting activities, assess skills level of sales people, and provide opportunity coaching.


Working with Philippe Lavie, President of KeyRoad Enterprises™ and CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner, AtStaff implemented a three and half day performance workshop for its direct sales force customized to its industry, markets, and product offerings. AtStaff also implemented a “CustomerCentric Cold Calling – Using the Telephone for Success” workshop, helping its inside sales team be more effective in its inbound and outbound calling activities.

When asked to comment on the performance and level of satisfaction toward the services rendered,

“The CustomerCentric Selling® program has exceeded our expectations.”Beth says

“After only a few months, implementation of the CustomerCentric Selling® program has generated gains in sales productivity and predictability. I expect that the overall ROI for this program will be substantial.”-Laura Caffrey, CFO for AtStaff

Customer Closeup
Established in 2001, AtStaff, Inc. enables healthcare organizations to reduce costs, increase profitability, enhance staff recruitment and retention, and improve patient safety. They combine Web-based staff scheduling and staffing automation business process improvement services to deliver proactive staff management, and establish and support best-practice methodology. Their enterprise-wide staff scheduling, nurse scheduling and physician scheduling software systems serve more than 1,200 healthcare organizations, medical facilities, nursing departments and group practices.

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Benefits to AtStaff:

  • Better qualification earlier in the sales cycle allowing more time to be spent on closing higher win probability opportunities
  • More control of the buying process with clearly defined events
  • Improved forecasting with opportunity grading system
  • Significant increase in prospecting call volume resulting in 25% increase in new active funnel accounts About

About CustomerCentric Selling®
CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®) is a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance. Founded in 2002, CCS® helps clients worldwide to implement repeatable, auditable and scalable sales processes that, when combined with Sales Ready Messaging®, guides marketing and sales to have meaningful conversations with customers and prospects. This results in winning high-value deals, retaining and growing client relationships and improving the predictability and accuracy of sales forecasts.

CustomerCentric Selling® is regularly named to the Top Sales Training Companies list. Clients such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Business Objects, Rockwell Automation, EMC and Raython have deployed CCS® worldwide. For more information, vist, or call Jill Perez at 800.993.1228, ext.706.