Sales Training Article: Causes for Senior Management Apathy

By Frank Visgatis, President & Chief Operating Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® – The Sales Training Company

A disturbing trend that I am seeing in the marketplace is an escalating level of apathy at the senior executive level as it relates to the effectiveness and value of their sales organizations. In other words, more and more executives seem to be “throwing in the towel” when it comes to salespeople actually being able to move the revenue needle.

As I dig deeper, I see two (2) fundamental causes for this:

1. They’ve tried and failed one too many times when it comes to training their salespeople.After repeatedly turning to various sales methodologies and sales trainings looking for the “magic bullet,” and despite investing significant amounts of money, nothing has changed from a revenue or performance perspective. Time and time again, I see companies latch on to the newest, sexiest “training du jour” (can you say “Challenger Selling?”) in the hopes that this will finally be “the one.” However, they repeatedly make the mistake of viewing the training as the end of the process when, in reality, it is just the beginning. Measurable sales results, no matter what methodology you subscribe to, are directly correlated to the commitment of first line sales management to actually implementing what the salespeople have been trained on. Too often, with no commitment to the heavy lifting of real business process change, once they go 9 to 12 months with no measurable results, they decide “that must not have been the right training,” when the reality is that they were never really committed to it in the first place.

2. They have bought too far into how much of an impact the Internet has had on the sales process. There are multiple, different studies that have documented what we all know: the Internet has changed the game for vendors. With so much information available online to potential buyers, vendors have decided that the best they can do is manage, and worse, encourage inbound inquiries. What they fail to recognize is that no matter how compelling your marketing messaging may be, the best that will likely get you is a seat at the table. In fact, I see so many sales organizations that have pivoted back to leading with a demo. That was a flawed approach 30 years ago and it is a flawed approach today. From a fundamental buyer perspective, when a vendor leads with a demo, having never taken the time to understand the buyer’s needs, all they are doing is throwing crap against the wall and hoping something sticks. Additionally, without proactive salesperson interaction (i.e. understanding the unique needs of any given buyer), they fail to build any unique business value, and even when selected, are relegated to negotiating solely on price.

Salespeople, ultimately, are the only ones who truly can help a company move the revenue needle. The question is, are companies and their senior executives willing to acknowledge that there are no quick fixes? Or are they just waiting for the next “groundbreaking” research and approach to finally provide the pixie dust? 

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