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CustomerCentric Selling® Helps Graebel Relocation Achieve Record Sales Performance

Graebel Acquires 330% More Customers Over the Prior Year, Doubles the Win Rate, Grows the Pipeline by 300%, and Sees Significant Growth in Sales Using CustomerCentric Selling®

Atlanta, GA, March 1, 2011

CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®), a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance, today announced the remarkable success of Graebel, a worldwide full-service relocation and moving company, in implementing the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology. Over the last twelve months, Graebel has added 330% more new corporate customers than the year before; their win rate on opportunities has doubled to 24%, while the qualified pipeline has grown by over 300%.

Tim Callahan, chief operating officer of Graebel Companies, Inc., states, “We are extremely pleased with the dramatic improvement in our business development performance through using the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology. The proof is in the many impressive results that we have witnessed and continue to see since implementing CCS® in our organization.”

Like most in the relocation industry during the economic down-turn, Graebel had faced many sales challenges which inhibited sales growth. Too often sellers were in react mode spending a great deal of time responding to blind RFP’s or working on opportunities with buyer requirements already wired by competitors that got in first. Sellers were inconsistent about how to initiate opportunities at executive levels. The focus was on selling offerings at lower manager levels rather than understanding and discussing business outcomes executives wanted to achieve. A high percentage of opportunities in the pipeline were unqualified, because sellers were more concerned with quantity rather than quality and made qualify/disqualify decisions independently. As a result, the overall win rate suffered. Since implementing the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology, Graebel has produced 24% year over year growth in its full-service relocation business and 11% overall growth in a challenging economic environment.

John Holland, CustomerCentric Selling® Co-founder and Co-author who worked with Graebel, states, “We’re very happy with the wonderful results Graebel has seen adopting CustomerCentric Selling® into their sales environment. The fact that they can achieve such remarkable sales performance during these challenging times lends testament to the effectiveness of the methodology.”

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About Graebel Companies, Inc.

Founded in 1950, Graebel is a relocation and moving company that provides worldwide relocation and move management services, domestic U.S. and international moving and storage services, freight forwarding, and commercial office moving and workplace services. Divisions include Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide, Inc., Graebel Movers International, Inc., Graebel Commercial Services, Inc., Graebel Van Lines, Inc., Graebel Movers, Inc., and Move Management, Inc. The World Headquarters is in Aurora, Colorado and on-the-ground services are performed in 153 countries, and its centers are located throughout the U.S., and in Prague, the Czech Republic, and Singapore. Graebel is a privately-held company that boasts a strong balance sheet, proprietary technology for business intelligence reporting and management and employs an extensively background-checked and trained employee workforce. Clientele include respected firms in the Fortune 500 and the global 100. Graebel was ranked number one among relocation companies in a recent ‘HRO Today’ Baker’s Dozen survey. To learn more