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Sales Training Success: Daryl Flood Significantly and Consistently Increases Revenue and Expands the Client Portfolio in a Competitive Marketplace Using CCS®.


Key Player
Director of Corporate Sales

Daryl Flood Relocation and Logistics, a premier leader in moving and relocation services and agent of Mayflower Transit, first engaged with CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®) in 2006 to improve sales performance. Todd Messerle, Director of Corporate Sales for Daryl Flood, worked with Frank Visgatis, CCS® Co-founder, President & Chief Operating Officer to define and implement a structured sales process for presenting and closing new corporate business to increase sales. Some of the business goals Mr. Messerle identified included:

  • Put a sales process into place for the organization to follow that will help improve performance
  • Have a way to measure the results of the sales process
  • Increase number of new corporate clients to expand the Daryl Flood portfolio

Capabilities Needed
After a careful analysis of the sales organization, Mr. Messerle and Frank concluded that he needed to provide his team with the following capabilities:

  • A consistent, repeatable sales process, that: 1) salespeople can be taught to execute with confidence; 2) management can be taught to measure, monitor, coach, and inspect; 3) represents Daryl Flood’s best sales practices.
  • The ability to define with buyers the steps in the evaluation process, what has to happen and when, that would allow them to make an informed purchase decision with bias toward Daryl Flood’s offerings and capabilities.
  • Sales tools/templates armed with Sales Ready Messaging® that enables Daryl Flood’s salespeople to converse and diagnose the buyer’s business issues.

CustomerCentric Selling® provided Mr. Messerle’s organization with all of these capabilities that addressed each of his goals, helping to consistently improve sales performance and expand presence in a growing marketplace.

Since their first implementation in 2006, any and all members of the Daryl Flood corporate sales team are required to attend a CCS® workshop. Mr. Messerle has attended the workshop as both an attendee and as well as a coach. He has also attended the one-day Sales Process Management™ workshop for sales management and plans on attending another this year as a refresher.

According to Mr. Messerle, the key components of CustomerCentric Selling® that have proved especially helpful to Daryl Flood’s sales organization include:

  • The overall sales process and sales stage identification have been found to be very helpful for the team.
  • The diagnostic questioning approach and the CCS® core concepts are considered “outstanding”.

“I would highly recommend the CCS® methodology for any business or corporation that needs to put in a place a new or better sales process and structure around approaching new clients and finding ways to present your solution without the pushy sales approach that turns clients off in today’s marketplace.”

–Todd W. Messerle, CRP, GMS, CMC
Director of Corporate Sales, Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics


  • Since Daryl Flood follows the CustomerCentric Selling® process very closely, they have customized their CRM to mirror the CCS® sales process and stages.
  • CCS® prospecting, role playing and getting the prospect to share a need, issue/problem or goal has significantly sped up the sales cycle and closing time.
  • In 2013, Daryl Flood signed 21 new corporate clients, many of which are identifiable brands and names.
  • Overall revenue continues to grow and outperform the business plan year over year.
  • Daryl Flood’s sales and company success in their industry is almost unheard of. Their competitors and sister companies are taking notice, which Daryl Flood attributes to CCS® as a big part of that success.

Customer Closeup
At Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics, our mission is to provide superior moving services through a well-trained and experienced staff. Our industry-leading customer-centered culture is one of uncompromising integrity delivered by passionate people. We’re dedicated from top to bottom to excellence. This excellence is expressed in a commitment to top-shelf customer service toward our customers, an attitude of encouragement and growth toward our fellow employees, and a promise of solid citizenship to the communities we serve.

With this mindset and diligent effort to exceed customer expectations, Daryl Flood strives to be the world’s premier relocation provider. An agent of Mayflower Transit, Daryl Flood received the President’s Quality Award, which recognizes the No.1 ranked quality-service performer in Mayflower’s U.S. family of affiliated moving agencies. Learn more at

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