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Sales Training Success: Dataiku scales its Sales team, grows the customer base and establishes an aligned organization using the CCS® methodology.


Key Player
Marc Batty, Chief Customer Officer, leading the global Sales team worldwide at Dataiku.

The original goal was to setup an entire sales organization from scratch, building the foundation of the Dataiku process and tools before hiring the first salespeople. As Dataiku by design is a data-driven company, the idea behind this goal was to make Sales a tangible and measurable process rather than an intuitive, uncertain and purely relationship-driven process.


Prior to implementing CCS®, Dataiku had no sales team, no sales tool, no process in place and the founders (including Marc Batty and Florian, the CEO) were handling the sales directly in 2013/early 2014. This system was working well but only on a small scale.

Originally, the founders were talking to the early-adopters of the Big Data market, which was easier than selling to the mainstream market – but they knew that they could not scale Sales without:

  • Developing a buyer-centric sales process from start to finish that reflects the core value of the Dataiku offering.
  • Structuring the process and preparing the organization to sell the value of the Dataiku solutions (not just a “cool product”) to the rest of the market.
  • Adding more team members (dedicated salespeople) who can execute the process on a much larger scale and create a growing revenue channel.

Capabilities Needed

  • Dataiku needed to implement a sales methodology with a clearly defined process in order to successfully onboard and train new salespeople. This was critical since they wanted to hire people who did not have as much selling experience to start (and would not be as likely to bring pre-existing habits with them).
  • There was also a need to have a common language between salespeople and tech people in order to create a respectable work environment without confusion, while facilitating utmost organizational efficiency.
  • Dataiku also needed to structure their CRM tool based on the newly developed sales methodology to enforce the process and make it the official tool that salespeople use everyday. The Dataiku pipeline, now in Salesforce, follows the CustomerCentric Selling® process: Goal, Champion, Evaluation, Negotiation, and Win.

CCS® provided Dataiku with all of these required capabilities.

“CustomerCentric Selling® has provided Dataiku with a single process that enables our sales to scale and be more predictable and also facilitates greater internal alignment within our organization.”

–Marc Batty
Chief Customer Officer

Benefits Realized

  • CCS® provided Dataiku with a common language used by all teams across the organization, not just Sales but also the Data Scientists, Professional Services, Customer Success Managers, the Marketing team, etc.
  • It allowed the company to establish an international Sales team from scratch, hiring non-conventional salespeople to start and then moving progressively to a mix of very experienced Sales Executives and more junior-level people.
  • Dataiku’s customer-facing process and CRM tool now speak the same language.
  • This single language within Dataiku’s sales process enables sales to be more predictable and facilitates greater internal alignment across all teams.

Tangible Results:

  • CCS® has allowed Dataiku to scale and grow quickly, as a startup from five customers to now more than hundreds and soon, thousands.
  • Now more than 2/3 of Dataiku’s staff (globally) is trained in CustomerCentric Selling®, including the Sales team of 40 people in France, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Singapore and US.

Customer Closeup
Dataiku develops Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS), the unique advanced analytics software solution that enables companies to build and deliver their own data products more efficiently. Thanks to a collaborative and team-based user interface for data scientists and beginner analysts, to a unified framework for both development and deployment of data projects, and to immediate access to all the features and tools required to design data products from scratch, users can easily apply machine learning and data science techniques to all types, sizes, and formats of raw data to build and deploy predictive data flows.

More than 100 customers in industries ranging from e-commerce, to industrial factories, to finance, to insurance, to healthcare, and pharmaceuticals use DSS on a daily basis to collaboratively build predictive dataflows to detect fraud, reduce churn, optimize internal logistics, predict future maintenance issues, and more. Dataiku has offices in Paris and New York.

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