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CustomerCentric Selling®Launches CCS® Evangelists Program to Share Firsthand Testimonials

CCS® Evangelists Program Showcases Personal Sales Successes of CustomerCentric Selling® Practitioners

Boston, September 20, 2016 – CustomerCentric Selling® has announced a new program for CCS® practitioners worldwide to share their personal sales successes called, CCS® Evangelists.

The purpose of this customer marketing program is to share firsthand and up-close testimonials about how past students are using their sales process to achieve remarkable results in their own daily experiences. In reward for their time, Evangelists are sent their gift of choice from the selection provided. Video clips will be shared and showcased in both the CustomerCentric Selling® website as well as social media.

Information about this new CCS® Evangelists program can be found here for CCS® practitioners to learn how and where to submit their video clips:

CustomerCentric Selling® President and Chief Operating Officer, Frank Visgatis said, “For years we’ve received abundant feedback from students following their sales training workshops, excited that they’re seeing such impressive results and improvement in their selling efforts.” Visgatis added, “What better way to lend credibility to the CCS® sales process than to share testimony from the mouths of students themselves.”

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