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Customer Centric Selling® Helps QlikTech Revolutionize Its Sales Process for Significant Revenue Growth and Competitive Edge in the Marketplace

QlikTech Embraces the CustomerCentric Selling® Methodology to Align with Their Go-to-Market Strategy and Dramatically Improve Sales Performance

Atlanta, GA, October 10, 2011

CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®), a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance, today announced that QlikTech, the world’s fastest-growing business intelligence (BI) software vendor three years running, has seen tremendous results since implementing CustomerCentric Selling® into their business. Now recognized as the leading provider of next generation BI solutions, notably their QlikView product, QlikTech achieved close to 50% revenue growth and 80% productivity increase year over year, crediting their success to the implementation and adoption of the CustomerCentric Selling® sales methodology.

Richard Timperlake, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales for QlikTech, states, “CCS® has provided us with a common language which we use across the business to discuss our pipeline and sales opportunities. This consistency has allowed us to take stronger control of our pipeline management and our sales cycles. By driving professional execution against a world class sales process, we have been able to improve forecast accuracy, generate a higher quality pipeline, and provide our customers with stronger value propositions that close in clearly defined timescales whilst allowing us to close more revenue.”

Prior to working with CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner, Dan Ahrens, QlikTech’s primary challenge was to evolve their organization to their next level of growth within a soft economy. Their go-to-market strategy was far too product-centric rather than customer-centric, which inhibited their sales organization from partnering with prospects and clients as consultants through meaningful conversations. By recreating their process to be more customer-centric and value-based, salespeople would be enabled to offer solutions to clients rather than simply selling products, which was not producing the revenue results needed to grow and support their strategic objectives. QlikTech had a specific strategy to “land and expand” within their targeted industries, and yet their internal process and methodology were not enabling that strategy to be executed to its fullest potential, especially when dealing with larger competitors in the marketplace. Since leveraging the CustomerCentric Selling® sales process, QlikTech has five times as many deals over $100K and three times the growth in pipeline year over year.

Joe Francis, Vice President of Global Operations for QlikTech, states, “Implementing CustomerCentric Selling® as a business process has helped us to establish a better measurement system for territory and account planning, and for pipeline health and analysis. As we grow, we are leveraging our sales process to ultimately ensure a more consistent and efficient way of operating.”

QlikTech chose to invest in CustomerCentric Selling® due in part to what the executive team realized was a need to align their organization around a common process and methodology that would enable them to execute on their existing go-to-market strategy more effectively. Specifically, they wanted to enable their sales and marketing organizations to function in concert with each other, and arm their salespeople with the selling skills and tools needed to increase their average deal size without significantly lengthening their sales cycles. They trusted CustomerCentric Selling® because of its value-based approach that proved to be in perfect alignment with the company culture that the executive team had worked so hard to establish and leverage in running their growing organization.
Dan Ahrens, CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner, states, “I am very pleased with how well the CustomerCentric Selling® sales methodology has been embraced at QlikTech, as evident in their strong sales performance. I firmly believe that they will more than exceed their business objectives based upon the improved, tangible results already seen since their implementation.”

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