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Sales Training Success: OpenTV learns to better qualify prospects and optimize pipeline with CustomerCentric Selling® methodology.

Key Player
SVP of Sales and Marketing

Goals and Current Situation
According to Regis Saint Girons, SVP Sales and Marketing, OpenTV Europe, the company needed to exceed forecasted revenue by securing a higher number of license agreement renewals and needed to increase the number of operators willing to use its middleware, OpenTV Core.

Some of the concerns OpenTV had towards achieving these objectives were:

  • The profile of sales and account managers was more technical than sales-oriented. In the past, this resulted in a more product-centric sales engagement model rather than a ‘customer-centric’ sales model.
  • Sales executives had generally become more reactive to market needs and much less proactive to the prospects’ situation, limiting their prospecting results.
  • Selling directly required a sales methodology and an engagement model/roadmap that the company felt its sales people did not have at the time.

Capabilities Needed
With the assistance of CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS) and CCS Business Partner, Philippe Lavie, the company believed that it could achieve and exceed revenue goals, reinvigorate sales people’s motivation, and increase the number of prospects and clients the sales force would handle if it were to:

  • Empower the sales force with tools and training to assist them in their business conversations with their prospects
  • Train them with updated selling skills and in a more disciplined selling methodology for their engagements with prospects and clients
  • Provide the sales and executive management team with a pipeline grading system customized to the different type of audiences they were selling into

Working with Philippe, OpenTV discovered the framework, structure, and tools necessary to achieve its goals. The company crafted new tools for the sales force, using Sales Ready Messaging® templates and processes and tailored training material to fit OpenTV’s industry, markets, and specificities. CustomerCentric Selling® provided OpenTV with the capabilities needed to achieve their goals.

“Philippe and his team are true professionals and passionate about the benefits CustomerCentric Selling® brings to sales organizations. The training was excellent and has brought just the right amount of structure to our sales process without getting too robotic.”-Ben Bennett, General Manager for OpenTV, EMEA


Customer Closeup
Based in San Francisco and with offices worldwide, OpenTV offers advanced digital television solutions on Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial and Telco networks and on various Set Top Box platforms, including video on demand, personal video recorders, interactive shopping, interactive and addressable advertising, games and gaming, a full-featured IPTV solution, and a variety of consumer care and communication applications. The company’s software has been deployed in more than 60 million digital set-top-boxes in 96 countries. OpenTV is listed on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol OPTV.

More information on Open TV can be found at

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  • More coherent way to address new markets
  • A better qualification of prospects
  • A better follow-up with the pipeline
  • A more highly motivated sales team

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