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CustomerCentric Selling® Introduces New Talent Assessment Offering

CustomerCentric Selling® Partners with Objective Management Group® to Offer Sales Talent Assessments for Clients and Prospects

Boston, MA, April 2, 2015

CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®), a proven methodology for improving revenue growth and sales performance, today announced partnership with the Objective Management Group® (OMG) to provide clients and prospects with custom, sales talent assessments. The Objective Management Group® is a leader in the sales talent assessment industry that has helped companies of all sizes and industries dramatically improve sales performance.

CustomerCentric Selling® President and Chief Operating Officer, Frank Visgatis, states, “We’re very excited to add this new offering to our portfolio. These assessments will help clients better vet prospective talent in the new hire process, as well as gain insights into current talent.” Visgatis adds, “These assessments will significantly help organizations identify the presence of what we call ‘Sales DNA’ that is necessary for success.”

The strategic partnership with Objective Management Group® brings with it the expertise of decades worth of experience with assessments used by 11,000 companies and 750,000 salespeople worldwide. The CCS® Sales Talent Assessment helps sales organizations:

  • Learn how to tell the difference between CAN sell versus WILL sell.
  • Learn the differentiating factors of top performers versus mediocre performers that look good and sound good in the interview but can’t sell once hired.
  • Understand the “will to sell” and why it is crucial to sales success.
  • Identify the required “Sales DNA” that is customized to the organization’s business, prospects, sales cycle, process, environment, and culture. This Sales DNA must be present for sales success.
  • Hire smarter with trusted and proven assessments that are backed by science.

sales talent assessmentTo help understand the cost of hiring the wrong sales staff, there is a FREE “Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator” available for all CustomerCentric Selling® clients and prospects that can be accessed here: For more information about the CCS® Sales Talent Assessment, please visit the CCS® website:

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