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Sales Training Success: Pronto Connections Builds Stronger Client Relationships with CustomerCentric Selling®

Key Player
President and CEO

When Pronto Connections first met Philippe Lavie, CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner, they had three goals:

  1. To grow the company revenue by 20% per year for the next three years.
  2. To grow the company revenue by 20% per year for the next three years.
  3. To bring all sales executives to generate $750K on new business per year.

Current Situation
At that time, 70% of Pronto’s leads came from referral, with the remaining coming from tradeshows and cold calling. Michele Ringwood, President and CEO of Pronto Connections, identified several company challenges with the following questions and statements:

  • Once first contact is established, how do we more effectively manage the buying cycle?
  • We do not disqualify our prospects early enough.
  • We are not good at managing decision-by-committee, as we focus too much on our champion, not all the key players involved in the decision.
  • Our messaging is not consistent across our external communication.
  • We are not great at identifying our prospects goals early or at diagnosing their current situation prior to prescribing our service and attempting to drive a sale.
  • We are too impatient, costing us deals that could have been won if we had given the prospect the opportunity to make a decision to buy at the right time for him/her.

Capabilities Needed
In working with CustomerCentric Selling®, the capabilities Ringwood was looking for included:

  • Bringing process training using the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology to her sales team in calendar Q1.
  • Securing advisory services on an ongoing basis starting in January to help implement a more effective sales engagement roadmap.

CustomerCentric Selling® provided Pronto Connections with these capabilities, and to date, the company’s sales force has been trained and is in line for achieving its stated objectives.

According to Ringwood, implementing CustomerCentric Selling® has made a world of difference in Pronto’s ability to generate expected revenue. The company now has:

  • A sales engagement process that mirrors their clients buying cycle
  • A series of templates for prospecting activities (referral and cold)
  • A sequence-of-events template to help prospects in their buying decision process
  • An internal pipeline grading system to manage sales force activities
  • An external support for the sales force to use in their daily sales activities
“Finally, we can directly attribute closing over $1.5 million in the past 60 days to what we’ve learned using CustomerCentric Selling®. We are likely to finish 2007 with 45% growth, not 20%!”-Michele Ringwood, President & CEO

Pronto Connections

Customer Closeup
Pronto Connections is committed to helping companies improve their revenue and their customer satisfaction by acting as their internal customer service, order processing and lead generation department. Pronto Connections works with consumer product companies, non profits, catalog and medical companies nationwide, answering more than 3.5 million calls per year, 24 hours per day, in English and Spanish. The company also manages inbound email inquiries and provides reporting on all activity.


More information on Pronto Connections can be found at

If you have questions about this client, please contact Philippe Lavie at

Benefits to Pronto Connections:

  • A set of prospecting templates
  • A sales engagement process that mirrors the clients’ buying cycle
  • A sequence of events template to assist in the buyer decision process
  • An efficient pipeline grading system to measure sales activities
  • Closing over $1.5 million in just 60 days

About CustomerCentric Selling®
CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®) is a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance. Founded in 2002, CCS® helps clients worldwide to implement repeatable, auditable and scalable sales processes that, when combined with Sales Ready Messaging®, guides marketing and sales to have meaningful conversations with customers and prospects. This results in winning high-value deals, retaining and growing client relationships and improving the predictability and accuracy of sales forecasts.

CustomerCentric Selling® is regularly named to the Top Sales Training Companies list. Clients such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Business Objects, Rockwell Automation, EMC and Raython have deployed CCS® worldwide. For more information, vist, or call Jill Perez at 800.993.1228, ext.706.