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CustomerCentric Selling® Launches My CCS® Coach to Help Ensure Successful Post-Workshop Implementation

CustomerCentric Selling® Provides Clients with My CCS® Coach to Guide the Sales Process and Maximize Performance

sales training companyAtlanta, GA, September 3, 2013

CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®), a proven methodology for improving revenue growth and sales performance, today announced the launch of My CCS® Coach, a new easy-to-use application designed to guide users through the CCS® sales process. My CCS® Coach is powered by Sales Mentor, a CustomerCentric Selling® alliance partner, and will be an integral part of the inclusive CCS® sales training workshop offering. The all new CustomerCentric Selling® workshop offering will now consist of an electronic pre-workshop education, instructor-led sales process training and skill practice, and post-workshop reinforcement via My CCS® Coach.

My CCS® Coach serves as a post-workshop, learning reinforcement tool for CustomerCentric Selling® practitioners to exercise and develop the skills learned in class which helps optimize performance and ensure a successful implementation of the sales methodology. This custom application guides the user through the CCS® sales process, provides just-in-time information and Sales Ready Messaging® tools, which combined helps sales reps flawlessly execute skills through consistent, repeated exercise and practice.

“CCS® concepts will become second nature with the help of My CCS® Coach,” says George Langan, President of Sales Mentor. Langan adds, “This application takes the guesswork out of how to follow the sales process learned in class and arms the reps with the tools they need to execute the skills needed to achieve continued success.”

My CCS® Coach is comprised of a customized dashboard that allows users to manage their pipeline, opportunities, goals and role plays. An especially unique feature of My CCS® Coach includes a tool that allows reps to take a role play, which they select from a menu that enables them to video themselves on their own Webcams to play back and see how they performed. Also included in My CCS® Coach is a library of resources that houses nine CCS® workshop modules that includes scripts, guides and videos.

CustomerCentric Selling® President and Chief Operating Officer, Frank Visgatis, states, “We’re thrilled to provide our clients with this extremely powerful tool that will help carry the process into the next step beyond the classroom.” Visgatis adds, “My CCS® Coach helps to ensure a successful implementation of the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology, which will ultimately result in consistent, improved sales performance.”

My CCS® Coach will be provided as a 60-day free trial to all new CustomerCentric Selling® students as part of the inclusive workshop offering. For all those who attended a CCS® workshop prior to this launch, CustomerCentric Selling® will reach back to every client to extend the same 60-day free access. For more information about My CCS® Coach, please visit:

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