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Sales Training Success: PtCT improves revenue by 48% and increases total number of systems sold by 83% with CustomerCentric Selling®.

Key Player
VP of Sales & Marketing

Goals and Current Situation
The VP of Sales & Marketing for Patient Care Technologies, Inc. (PtCT) was tasked with ambitious goals, in a soft economy, to increase the number of systems sold and increase overall sales revenue. Working with Ben Zoldan, CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS) Business Partner, PtCT began assessing their current sales environment to identify any issues and obstacles that were preventing them from achieving those goals.

They quickly identified that they had not leveraged or replicated the best practices of their top salespeople, and consequently, each of their salespeople were following an ineffective sales process that they either brought with them when they were first employed or were simply making it up along the way; they were “winging-it.” This resulted in sales forecasts based on sales people’s ‘opinions’ rather than progress through the sales process. Additionally, senior management’s lack of visibility into the sales pipeline and lack of auditable pipeline grading system, made it difficult for them to provide the sales skill and opportunity coaching that was going to be required to achieve PtCT’s goals.

Capabilities Needed
After performing an in-depth analysis of their current sales environment, PtCT determined that they needed a way to codify best sales practices and convert them into a repeatable sales process that was representative of their target market’s purchasing habits and through which all of their salespeople could be shown how to execute and follow. Additionally, they wanted to implement a consistent and auditable pipeline grading system that measured progress through the sales cycle and that would give them the visibility they need to provide skill and opportunity coaching.


CustomerCentric Selling® provided PtCT with all these capabilities that PtCT required to improve their sales performance. As a result, for the quarter immediately following their training workshop, they increased the number of total systems sold by 83% versus the previous quarter, and in that same quarter, they saw their total revenue increase by 48%, as compared to the quarter immediately preceding the workshop. PtCT quickly realized that embracing the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology provided the immediate results they needed.

“You’ll learn from CustomerCentric Selling® that ROI is ‘old hat’ and cost benefit is where it’s at. The cost benefit Patient Care Technologies realized from the CustomerCentric Selling® program was immediately recognizable. The week following our training we were able to better qualify existing prospects, cancelled a ‘pray and spray’ demonstration visit that saved a couple of thousands dollars and using the techniques learned gained us respect and access to power almost immediately. While we’ve only just begun to use the methodology, we’re well on our way to realizing our cost benefit.”-Mark Hanna, Vice President of Sales Patient Care Technologies

Customer Closeup
PtCT specializes in the clinical, administrative and financial needs of home health care organizations and hospice agencies. They started in 1991, when their founders first automated the home health clinical record, creating the structured electronic clinical chart from which home health point-of-care documentation was born. PtCT’s process-based software is used by hundreds of clients and thousands of clinicians every day in the United States and Canada, empowering home health care organizations to run their facility in real time. With PtCT, home health and hospice agencies can efficiently manage patient tasks, schedule appointments, bill for services, place orders and document care from the patient’s home. Their solutions also enable patients to proactively manage their treatments and outcomes through telemonitoring devices.

PtCT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MEDITECH, the world’s leading health care information systems vendor. Their relationship with MEDITECH provides clients with the resources, experience and innovation necessary to achieve their technology goals. PtCT’s full integration with the MEDITECH HCIS ensures all information collected is populated into one, central electronic patient record.

With an aging population and chronic diseases on the rise, the health care industry is looking to home care as quality, cost-effective care. Their product offerings, built off the groundbreaking MEDITECH Client/Server 6.0 Release, provide clients with a comprehensive home care solution to manage both of these growing concerns. MEDITECH and PtCT’s new generation of home care solutions is redefining what home care means.

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  • Increased total number of systems sold by an impressive 83%
  • Total revenue increased by 48%
  • Identified and developed a single, repeatable sales process based on best practices
  • Creation of an auditable pipeline grading system that allows for skills and opportunity coaching

About CustomerCentric Selling®
CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®) is a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance. Founded in 2002, CCS® helps clients worldwide to implement repeatable, auditable and scalable sales processes that, when combined with Sales Ready Messaging®, guides marketing and sales to have meaningful conversations with customers and prospects. This results in winning high-value deals, retaining and growing client relationships and improving the predictability and accuracy of sales forecasts.

CustomerCentric Selling® is regularly named to the Top Sales Training Companies list. Clients such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Business Objects, Rockwell Automation, EMC and Raython have deployed CCS® worldwide. For more information, vist, or call Jill Perez at 800.993.1228, ext.706.