By Frank Visgatis, President & Chief Operating Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® The Sales Training Company

This past week in Boston has been the INBOUND15 conference sponsored by HubSpot. Over 14,000 people have converged on the Convention Center to learn best practices for using HubSpot’s offerings and to hear thought leaders such as Jill Rowley, Jill Konrath and Daniel Pink share their thoughts on the state of the market and the characteristics of today’s buyers.

Rowley-tweetThroughout the week I have been monitoring the Twitter feeds from a number of these great speakers as they have observed one another and shared tidbits from each other’s presentations.

Here are just a couple of examples:

Tweet #1: @danielpink “Focus on buyers’ business outcomes”

Tweet #2: @jillrowley “When you are in Sales, your job is not to sell. Your job is to help the buyer buy.”

rowley-tweet2The consistency of theme and alignment with CustomerCentric Selling® is flattering. 

Since 2002 when we launched CCS®, we have been teaching salespeople and sales organizations how to most effectively manage conversations with educated buyers and instead of ‘selling,’ rather empowering people to buy. In fact, I have started every workshop I’ve done for the last 13+ years by explaining that even though the name of our methodology is CustomerCentric Selling, our goal is not to help anyone become a better salesperson; we want to help them become better “buying facilitators.”

So, to all those speakers and thought leaders who are helping to bring this philosophy even further into the mainstream, we say “thank you!”

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