By Connie Schlosberg, Primary Intelligence, a CCS® Partner

Primary Intelligence conducted research on ways in which B2B sales, marketing, and product leaders are understanding their customers better and closing more deals.

We asked business professionals who analyze sales opportunities strategically to tell us their beliefs and attitudes about win loss analysis, the study of understanding why sales are won and lost. We also asked them about the types of market data they’re collecting and disseminating, and what best practices work for them.

And the results are in! 

B2B Companies Increasing RevenueHow B2B Companies Are Increasing Revenue

Studying past sales wins and losses has become a keystone to staying competitive in the marketplace.

The 2017 State of Win Loss report details how companies approach win loss analysis, how it has impacted company performance, and what you can learn for your own programs.

This report covers:

  • The top win loss questions business leaders want answered. We reveal the big questions sales, marketing, and product professionals want answered about win loss analysis.
  • The resource allotment. We examine the level of resources that business leaders invest in their win loss efforts. This analysis will be helpful for those who are just getting started or those seeking support staff.
  • The benefits of win loss analysis: This section of our study reveals all the major advantages achieved with win loss programs. We also look at how resources invested and years of experience affect the results.
  • Most-used win loss platforms: Discover which platforms are being used and how their usage will change this year.

Six Research Findings from the State of Win Loss Report

To give you a snippet of report findings, here are six insights the report revealed:

  1. Most companies have some type of win loss program in place and usage of win loss programs remains strong
  2. B2B organizations are employing external third-parties to uncover sales intelligence so they can meet buyer needs
  3. Business leaders have a strong belief that win loss programs help win more sales opportunities
  4. The top benefits are an enhanced sales process, a deep understanding of the buying process, and identification of sales strengths and weaknesses
  5. A high percentage of companies are spending $100K–$500K annually on win loss programs
  6. Companies prefer to collect both open-ended and close-ended feedback to fully understand their customers

2017 State of Win Loss Industry Report

2017 State of Win Loss Industry Report

How companies are using win loss analysis to increase revenue
Competition increases each year for B2B businesses. Many companies are realizing the importance of win loss analysis, the study of past sales deals. As responsible sales, marketing, and product leaders, you must use data-driven analytics to produce actionable intelligence and develop strategies to create a competitive advantage. You know what matters most are the initiatives you’ll take to lead your teams to success.

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