By Tony Albachiara, Sales Benchmark Index (SBI)

sales training companyIn the digital age of selling, LinkedIn referrals are like gold. But in order to find the gold, you need to know where (and how) to look. That’s where this blog comes in. Social debt is one of the most powerful tools to obtaining new referrals. In this blog, I will cover 2 different ways that you can create social debt. Follow these tips and you’ll be swimming in referrals this year.

LinkedIn referrals are also dependent on a few more things. First, you need to have a strong LinkedIn Profile. Secondly, you need to spend time on your network to create extensive LinkedIn Reach. 

Two Ways to Create Social Debt
1) Provide a warm introduction to a dream prospect. Everyone you know is working towards a professional goal. This goal may be a revenue quota, or something else entirely. In the majority of these cases, these people have dream prospects. There’s someone out there who they would love to sell to. In some cases they may have been trying to secure a meeting for years. Can you connect them to this prospect? If so, you’re looking golden for referrals down the line.

2) Help with a professional job search. Individuals in your accounts are naturally going to move around. Just like you, they are seeking the next career opportunity. They want to experience upward mobility and professional success.

If you help get them closer to their dream job, you’ve successfully created social debt. Scour your connections and see how you can help. It could pay off for both parties in the long run.

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