sales approach1. Converse Situationally
A CustomerCentric approach to selling is a conversation – not a presentation. Research has shown that the best sales calls are conversations, and conversations allow the sales person to better understand the buyer.

2. Ask Relevant Questions
In order to have a conversation, a sales person has to ask the buyer relevant questions. A wise person once said, “One of the greatest compliments you can pay a person is to ask them an intelligent question they’re capable of answering.” In CustomerCentric Selling®, we teach sales people to ask intelligent questions.

3. Solutions Focused
The best way to have a truly great relationship with your buyer is to help the buyer visualize a solution to a problem with your help. Sales people who help buyers solve problems gain the best relationships long term.

4. Target Business People
In order to target business people, sales people would need to be taught how to have a conversation with them. Most organizations disable the buying and selling process by teaching sales people all about their product and how users use the product. In CustomerCentric Selling®, we teach sales people how to have conversation with business buyers.

5. Relate Product Usage
CustomerCentric sales people are able to relate product usage. In order to do so, they have to understand how their products would be used by specific buyers in specific situations. Unfortunately, most companies are teaching sales people all about the product, but they’re not teaching the sales people how customers use the products.

6. Manage Their Managers
CustomerCentric sales people are in control of their own pipelines, so their managers don’t have to worry about those pipelines being qualified. Thus when they need company resources, they go to their managers and get their managers to help them bring company resources to bear.

7. Empower the Buyer to Achieve Goals, Solve Problems, Satisfy Needs
The very best sales people rarely have to close. The reason they rarely have to close is because buyers volunteer to buy, and the best sales people are able to empower their buyers by giving them a vision to achieve goals, solve problems and satisfy needs if they had the seller’s offering. 

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