sales trainingFor a sales organization to consistently meet its revenue objectives and maintain its state of competitive readiness, it must be committed to more than just sales coaching. It must establish and maintain a “high performance sales culture.” There are four (4) key elements necessary to establish and then maintain a high performance sales culture:

Sales Process:

A repeatable and auditable consultative sales process that is aligned with your target market’s purchasing habits.

Sales Coaching:

A sales coaching program taught by sales professionals that provides attendees with the tactical selling skills and practice required to execute the company’s defined consultative sales process.

Sales Management:

A sales management program built around the basic management skills of planning, organization, delegation and control, that focuses on:

  • pipeline analysis
  • opportunity assessment
  • qualification
  • skill assessment
  • sales coaching
  • revenue forecasting


A commitment to sales process and skill maintenance that includes:

  • sales tools and job aides designed to help your sellers develop an in-depth knowledge of your prospect’s critical business issues and economic drivers
  • custom designed seminars to address identified needs and skill improvements within the sales organization
  • individual sales coaching and sales leadership training on an as needed or remedial basis conducted by sales training professionals

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