By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® – The Sales Training Company

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question-markCustomerCentric Selling® focuses on having buyers share business outcomes (goals) that they’d like to achieve through the use of a seller’s offering. Having goals shared is a watershed event as executives likely must conclude the seller is sincere and competent before they’re willing to disclose them.

Once shared, there should be a discovery discussion amounting to a diagnosis to uncover specific reasons the goal can’t be achieved and then offering only those features/capabilities that are relevant to helping the buyer achieve the goal. During the solution development process the seller attempts to quantify the potential value of achieving the goal.

A mistake sellers often make is ending calls after a goal has been processed. We suggest going into the call that sellers have a menu of potential goals for the title they are calling on. It’s important that they ask buyers if there are any other issues to be discussed and can offer a menu of additional goals that can mean greater potential value and payback.

Before ending calls that have gone well, remember to ask a question that can make them go better: Are there any additional goals you’d like to achieve?
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