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Sales Training Success: CustomerCentric Selling® helps Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division increase revenue and expand into new, emerging markets.

When Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division first employed the help of CustomerCentric Selling® business partner, Acuere, they stated their primary goal was to increase revenue and penetrate new and emerging markets to grow their business across verticals and other industries.

Current Situation
The challenges they faced in achieving these goals were:

  • Sales team focused on existing base – farming opportunities in existing customers rather than looking/hunting for new
  • Long sales cycles
  • Sales team had difficulty in calculating and aligning the value of their products and solutions (tangible and intangible) to business outcomes


Capabilities Needed
After identifying the sales challenges, the capabilities that Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division defined called for a repeatable, consistent sales process that could be applied across their sales, marketing and operations teams. This process would provide tools and processes that enabled:

  • Sales people to engage C level executives, focusing on business outcomes
  • Demand creation on opening up new/emerging market areas
  • Re-align the business to align with the customers and their needs
  • Effective questioning utilizing sales aids tailored to Scholle products & services differentiators , draw out the full value of offerings related to business outcomes customers/prospect were looking to achieve
  • Document meetings in a consistent manner, making management assessment and coaching more effective
  • By mapping of the process in SalesLogix have a measurable process to report and drive pipeline management
  • Create compelling Cost/Benefit analysis for complex, high-value product & service installations

Acuere provided these capabilities via a tailored CustomerCentric Selling® sales training workshop with follow-up reinforcement sessions with the team.

Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division has been able to grow their revenue base year over year against the current global market trend by protecting business in existing customers and growing new/emerging markets to replace revenues in depressed industry sectors.

Customer Closeup
Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division, the Pioneer of Bag-in-Box™, is a world leader in bag-in-box packaging for the food, beverage and industrial markets. With manufacturing locations on 5 continents and products that are sold in over 60 countries, Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division is committed to providing locally-manufactured products with unprecedented innovation, quality and customer service. Inspired people, vertically-integrated processes and global manufacturing capabilities allow us to rigorously control our manufacturing standards. The result is economically-competitive and environmentally-considerate flexible packaging solutions that add maximum value to the world-class customers we serve.

Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division offers a broad range of packaging solutions and expertise dedicated to meet customer needs and continually better operations to better respond and service those needs. The breadth of our bag-in-box product offering includes flexible films, filling equipment, bags, fitments and caps. With significant resources deployed in areas such as R&D and innovation, Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division is on the forefront of bringing flexible packaging technology and trends to life.

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Benefits to Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division:

  • Increased revenues year over year
  • Consistent, positive sales performance in the midst of the current global market trend
  • Protection of existing customer base
  • Growth into new markets, expanding vertical reach into depressed industry sectors

About CustomerCentric Selling®
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