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Sales Training Success: CustomerCentric Selling® helps Temporary Staffing Company boost margins and improve sales growth.

Key Players
Sales Management

Though wanting to remain anonymous, this $120 million, privately-held temporary staffing company had a simple goal: Improve margins while maintaining revenue growth.

Current Situation
With an impressive history growing top line revenue, the company devoted substantial time to generating proposals. In a market with buyers fixated on price and possessing a commodity view of temporary staffing services, the company prided itself on providing a full range of services. Proposals promised high end service with pricing only sporadically linked to the service level and/or the unique costs of service delivery. As a result, revenue growth often did not result in margin growth.

Capabilities Needed
The company needed the sales organization to:

  • Generate a higher volume of prospects
  • Efficiently screen the prospects to identify buyers, not shoppers
  • Engage in diagnostic questions to specifically match the prospect’s needs to the company’s capabilities
  • Price engagements in accordance with the specific services the prospect identified as solutions to current needs
  • Close only those prospects that represented opportunities to generate targeted margins
  • To have the luxury to say “no” to lower margin opportunities, the company had to generate a greater volume of qualified opportunities.

CustomerCentric Selling® provided the company with these capabilities.

With help from CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partners, Steve Berger and Mike Mozenter, the company realized a 10% improvement in profit margins.

By arming the telesales organization with a set of diagnostic questions and qualification criteria, BizLogx helped the company increase the number of appointments with qualified prospects. Sales reps then used diagnostic questions to uncover hidden costs, identify customer value, reduce the customer’s focus on price and accelerate sales.

Armed with these new skills and tools, the company increased gross margins on new business by more than 50% while maintaining revenue growth.


For questions about this client, please contact either Steve Berger at or Mike Mozenter at with BizLogx.


  • 10% improvement in profit margins
  • Increased gross margins by 50% while maintaining revenue growth
  • Single process with a common set of tools to help land more appointments

About CustomerCentric Selling®
CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®) is a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance. Founded in 2002, CCS® helps clients worldwide to implement repeatable, auditable and scalable sales processes that, when combined with Sales Ready Messaging®, guides marketing and sales to have meaningful conversations with customers and prospects. This results in winning high-value deals, retaining and growing client relationships and improving the predictability and accuracy of sales forecasts.

CustomerCentric Selling® is regularly named to the Top Sales Training Companies list. Clients such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Business Objects, Rockwell Automation, EMC and Raython have deployed CCS® worldwide. For more information, vist, or call Jill Perez at 800.993.1228, ext.706.