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Sales Training Success: CustomerCentric Selling® significantly boosts Torani’s win rate and greatly improves individual sales performance.

Key Player
Sales Director

Upon reaching out to CustomerCentric Selling®, Torani’s goals were to:

  • Build more face to face time with both the distributor and owner/operator in order to increase the value of each opportunity
  • Create a common selling language within the organization
  • Build selling competencies
  • Improve the selling skills of the sales force

Current Situation
The reasons Torani was unable to achieve these goals was due to these challenges:

  • The sales force was reacting to sales leads rather than proactively qualifying
  • There was no standard way to assess progress on any opportunity
  • The sales force had a wide variety of selling skills which were not being harnessed into best practices
  • The sales team was spending too much time on administration rather than seeing clients and prospects.

Capabilities Needed
What Torani needed was a way to measure the value of an opportunity to evaluate whether it met the newly established guidelines (minimum amount of an opportunity, penetrate new geographical market, allow a relationship with a new distributor to flourish), and then determine the win rate. The deal guidelines were published in Salesnet, the new CRM that Torani chose to adapt. CustomerCentric Selling® provided Torani the capabilities needed to achieve their sales goals.

After conducting a customized CustomerCentric Selling® Workshop with all levels of account managers, Andrea Edwards, a CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner, worked with the sales team to monitor the results of their sales process implementation initiative. In addition, Edwards was retained to provide sales coaching, so that all sales people would be able to assimilate and personally implement the new sales process.

Since implementation:

  • There have been 140 plus wins (domestic only)
  • Every team member has had double digit contribution to the win rate
  • Of the 140 plus deals, 81% were within the established guidelines
  • The win rate within guidelines has increased to 95%
“We have stopped in basket selling and have begun to make the most of our out basket opportunities. I am very pleased with these results and the team is now thinking, planning and prospecting ‘bigger’.”-Larry Winkler,
Foodservice Sales Director for Torani

Customer Closeup
R. Torre and Company, trading as Torani, is a San Francisco-based, family owned company, providing The Original Italian Flavoring Syrups and specialty beverages and service to the distributor and operator community in Foodservice, Retail and International channels. Their competitors, in particular large corporate conglomerates, provide similar products without the “detail in service” that for which Torani is well-known.


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  • 140+ wins since implementation
  • Out of 140+ wins, 81% were within guidelines
  • Post implementation, the win rate within guidelines has increased to 95%
  • Every team member has double-digit contribution to the overall win rate

About CustomerCentric Selling®
CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®) is a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance. Founded in 2002, CCS® helps clients worldwide to implement repeatable, auditable and scalable sales processes that, when combined with Sales Ready Messaging®, guides marketing and sales to have meaningful conversations with customers and prospects. This results in winning high-value deals, retaining and growing client relationships and improving the predictability and accuracy of sales forecasts.

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