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CustomerCentric Selling® Unveils Second Version of CustomerCentric Selling® for Salesforce® Application with New Lead Qualification and Benefit Analysis Features

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Atlanta, GA, August 30, 2011

CustomerCentric Selling®, a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance, today announced plans to launch a second version of CustomerCentric Selling® for Salesforce. Developed in partnership with PipelineMetrics and built using the platform, this new integrated application supports and reinforces the CustomerCentric Selling® sales process implementation for optimal adoption and increased results.

Originally launched early last year and since rated five out of five stars by users, this integrated offering is designed to help CustomerCentric Selling® customers who use to more efficiently deploy the messaging and defined process to their sales teams as a ‘native’ application within Salesforce. The newest version of the application includes enhanced benefit features and lead qualification integration. Since the first release, some clients had wanted their lead qualification process to have a component of CustomerCentric Selling® included. In response to this request, PipelineMetrics built a subset of the functionality to work within the Leads area of Salesforce. With this functionality, a user in Demand Generation could identify a business goal of a lead before they convert the lead to an opportunity. While converting the lead to an opportunity, the business goal identified is also transferred. This feature enables sales reps to pick up where the Demand Generation user left off in the process. Also part of this newest release, the value component for users includes a benefit summary and cost-benefit analysis. Sales reps can now construct benefit summary and cost-benefit analysis based on the solution development they have completed.

Kayla Wasco, who works in sales operations with Par Technologies, recently stated, “We rolled out the CustomerCentric Selling® for Salesforce application by PipelineMetrics in January of this year and had many suggestions for new features, upgrades and additions to the tool. The application itself is very easy to work with, easy to train on and runs smoothly within Salesforce.” She adds, “I’m very excited about the new release! Included will be the ability to use the application on the Leads tab which has been a request of ours from the beginning. We’ve been interested in using the CustomerCentric Selling® model from the start of our sales cycle to the end. Our inside sales team is ready to use the CustomerCentric Selling® skills they have learned, which is now easier to manage with the integration into Salesforce.”

In conjunction with the release of this second version, CustomerCentric Selling® clients who do not currently use Salesforce can now receive a free 30 day trial of Salesforce pre-configured with the CustomerCentric Selling® for Salesforce application and sample data.

Abhijit Shome, Founder of PipelineMetrics, states, “The newest release of the CustomerCentric Selling® for Salesforce application will provide even greater value for clients, especially at the user level. Sales reps will now be able to more efficiently manage their lead qualification as it integrates with the CustomerCentric Selling® sales methodology, as well as measuring the benefit analysis for each opportunity.”

According to Kayla Wasco, “My favorite part about the application is CustomerCentric Selling® and PipelineMetrics’s readiness to accept challenges for new functionality. The team was very easy to work with and understanding of our needs as a company. We are very excited to roll out the newest version and watch what is to come for the CustomerCentric Selling® for Salesforce application!”

Gary Walker, Vice President of Channel Sales & Operations, states, “We strongly encourage our clients using Salesforce to add the CustomerCentric Selling® application to their toolset. The integration allows for greater adoption and adherence to the sales process that has been implemented and ultimately, drive greater results and revenue.”

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